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Restaurant Audits® Client Audit

The® Client Audit service, which includes a separate action in the form of a® Mystery Shopper visit, was created to help a restaurant in difficult times – declining revenues, decreased guest interest, increased negative reviews, or excessive turnover of employees dissatisfied with working at the establishment.

Its purpose is to determine the root cause of why the restaurant is not earning as much as it should.

For whom? + -

For all restaurateurs who want to increase their business revenue, regardless of its type. It is also an excellent solution for periodically checking the service and kitchen.

Why is it worth it? + -

Information from an independent outsider with the appropriate experience is an invaluable source of information about the state of the restaurant. This allows you to easily implement the necessary changes in the restaurant and increase its revenue.

What will you receive? + -

After conducting the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report from us containing detailed information about the quality of the dishes, the way they are served, service, visual communication, and marketing. In the report, you will also find solutions to the encountered problems. You will also receive support during the implementation phase and subsequent verification after corrective actions have been taken.

When can we start? + -

To receive information about available dates, costs, and the scope in which we will conduct the audit, contact us.