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About AFMedia

The AFMedia Marketing Agency was established in 2005 in response to the growing need for proper marketing strategies for restaurants in Poland.
The projects we have been creating since then, as well as the training and services we provide to restaurateurs, are a response to market changes that require efficient reactions from restaurant owners for their establishments to succeed.

We are pleased that our list of collaborators continues to grow. We are a group of specialists who ensure that more and more satisfied guests visit establishments. We offer many practical solutions aimed at increasing restaurant profits through guests who are happy to return.

We encourage you to learn about our services and ask questions – thanks to our cooperation with many specialists, we form an advisory group that knows how to solve any problem in a restaurant. Write to us – we will help!

Years of Experience

The AFMedia Marketing Agency was founded in 2005 and has been helping restaurants with proper promotion ever since!

Variety of Services

By carefully observing global restaurant trends, we create solutions that continuously help hundreds of restaurants to stay on the list of places worth visiting.

Cooperation and Patronage

We are proud to sponsor major gastronomic events, such as the Eurogastro Fair in Warsaw, Gastrofood in Krakow, the Chefs Congress, and collaborate with the National Association of Chefs and Confectioners, among others.


Without the cooperation and knowledge of those who succeed in the gastronomic industry,® would only be partially the best advisory company for restaurateurs. Hundreds of meetings with the best chefs, not only in Poland but also during international meetings, exchanging experiences, observations, and insights, make AFMedia the closest to the gastronomic industry in Poland.

It is with them that we form a team that skillfully advises, assesses, constructively criticizes, and reliably audits restaurants. Together, we know how to form a team of experienced experts who will always help make the restaurant you run the best in Poland.

Our People

Be sure that the best are working for you!

Anna Dębska
Co-owner / Editor-in-Chief
Filip Fryś
Co-owner / IT